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SAF's Spectacular Women's Physique Events

SAF is proud to host the world’s finest women’s physique events featuring open (amateur) and professional categories (SAF Elite Pro). The women you see featured in have all attained SAF Elite Pro status at a SAF competition. This is your chance to join our team!

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Any woman who is 18 years of age or older from anywhere in the world can enter the open-division competitions, which have Fitness Model and Swimsuit Model categories. The top three competitors in each category earn SAF Elite Pro status, which allows them to compete in SAF professional-level competitions, and gives them the opportunity to be featured in SAF-related activities such as videos, photoshoots, magazine articles, etc. All SAF open competitions also have Best Over 35 and Fab Over 45 competitions to recognize achievement across various age ranges.

The SAF Elite Pro competitions are only open to those women who have achieved pro status through a SAF open competition. There are two levels of SAF Elite Pro events: there are the SAF Elite Pro Challenge competitions that are held throughout the year, and there is the once-in-the-year SAF Elite Pro Championship competition. In 2011, SAF introduced the SAF Masters Elite Pro Championship, which is open to current SAF Elite Pros who are 35 years of age or older.

In order to compete  in the SAF Elite Championship, a competitor must place in the top three at any SAF Elite Challenge competition held that year, or place in the top five at the previous year’s Championship event. All SAF Elite Championship winners are automatically qualified to compete for life.

To-date, these have been the SAF Elite Pro Champions: Natalie Waples (2008), Silvana Salvati (2009), Vanda Hadarean (2010), Jennifer Lambert Foster (2011), Kim Chartrand (2012), and Emily Bentivoglio (2013). There has also been three SAF Elite Pro Masters Champions (over age 35): Vanda Hadarean (2011), Michelle MacDonald (2012), and Christine Wu (2013).

SAF competitions offer cash and other amazing prizes, and they open up a world of opportunities for the winners.

Upcoming competitions:

  • 2014 SAF Summer Spectacular - June 14, 2014
  • 2014 SAF Toronto Spectacular - September 13, 2014
  • 2014 SAF Fall Spectacular - October 18, 2014




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