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Spirit One - Dawn Armstrong and Bunny Azzopardi

Paul Buceta has been photographing SAF’s stars since 2010. Most of these photos appear under the themes of “Sessions” and “Collections.” Both of these themes are alive today and as popular with fans as they are with our SAF models – in fact, for SAF models, going to Paul’s studio is synonymous with the phrase: Best day ever! There is nothing quite like it anywhere

Given the success of these two themes, we felt it time to expand – but we didn’t know exactly how. So, in October 2015, we sent Dawn Armstrong and Bunny Azzopardi to Paul’s studio to surprise us by creating something fresh and fun that other SAF stars could expand on in future photoshoots. Although Dawn and Bunny have worked with Paul many times before, the resulting photos were unlike anything either had previously taken with him. And although they are not typical “fitness” photos, their work with Paul captured the spirit of SAF, which aspires to be a creative and inspiring venue for women who love to look and feel fantastic. As a result, this new theme is appropriately titled “SAF Spirit,” unveiled with the first gallery below. Look for much more to come.