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Sessions Thirty-Two - Emilie Provencher

One of our best-known and most popular models is stunning Emilie Provencher, winner of the 2015 SAF Summer Elite Pro Challenge and 2015 SAF Pro Fitness Model Championship events. Emilie first began competing with SAF in 2013; these were her first two SAF professional-level wins.

The photos of Emilie for “Sessions Thirty-Two” were taken by Paul Buceta, just one week after her win at the 2015 SAF Summer Elite Pro Challenge, which was in June. This was actually her second photoshoot for SAF with Paul Buceta – the first was in 2013, when she first began competing. That first photoshoot resulted in Emilie being featured in the “Summer 2013 Collection” and “Sessions Twenty-Six” galleries.

Paul has been the studio photographer for SAF since 2010. He is also the founder of Strong magazine, which is focused exclusively on women’s fitness and can be found on newsstands throughout North American. Emilie’s hair and makeup were done by Valeria Nova, superstar stylist for Paul Buceta and SAF.