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Winter 2017 w/Amélie Levesque

Amélie Levesque’s competitive rise in SAF has been as fast as anyone’s. The 2015 SAF Fall Spectacular was her first competition. It was there that Amélie placed first in the Open Fitness Model category, a win that qualified her for SAF Pro status. In her SAF Pro debut, at the 2016 SAF Summer Pro Fitness Model Challenge, she was greatly improved over her 2015 shape and placed third, which qualified her for the 2016 SAF Pro Fitness Model Championship. Just four months later, Amélie surprised everyone by improving yet again and winning the 2016 SAF Pro Fitness Model Championship.

Amélie’s Pro Fitness Model Championship win earned her cash, prize, and the opportunity to take part in a Paul Buceta-SAF photoshoot. Paul is widely considered to be the world’s best fitness photographer and is the chief photographer for Strong, a print magazine focused on women’s fitness. It was there that the pictures for the “Winter 2017 Collection” galleries were taken, which also featured SAF stars Jennifer Lambert Foster and Jess Kanstrup. Monica Kalra was the hair and makeup stylist for the entire photoshoot.