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Spring 2017 w/Josée Moran

Josée Moran is another SAF success story. Josée began competing with SAF at the 2016 SAF Spring Spectacular, where she landed a top-three finish, qualifying her for SAF Pro status. She was 39 years of age. Later that same year, at the 2016 SAF Fall Spectacular, a greatly improved Josée earned first place in the Fall SAF Pro Fitness Model Challenge.

The photos for the 2017 SAF Spring Collection were taken on March 31, 2017, just one day before the 2017 SAF Spring Spectacular – fitting, since that was the show that brought Josée onto SAF’s team one year before. The photoshoot also included SAF star Dawn Armstrong. The photographer was, as always, Paul Buceta, who has been SAF’s studio photographer since 2010. Paul specializes in female fitness photographer and is the founder and chief photographer for Strong, a print magazine for fit-minded women. Monica Kalra was the hair and makeup stylist for the photoshoot.