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Fall 2016 w/Jess Kanstrup

Jess Kanstrup is another SAF success story. She began competing with SAF at the 2014 Summer Spectacular, when she won Open Fitness Model category, and has competed at the SAF Pro level four times since. Jess continues to improve each time she is on the stage – her most recent outing was at the 2016 SAF Pro Fitness Model Championship, where she was the first runner-up, her highest SAF Pro placing yet.

With Jess’s high standing with SAF and her strong popularity among our followers, we were thrilled for her to take part in the photoshoot that produced the “Fall 2016 Collection” images. The photos for this gallery were taken in October 2016 by Paul Buceta, who has been SAF’s chief studio photographer since 2010. Jess’s hair and makeup were done by Monica Kalra.